Candidate for the position of MSA - Stage 3 Year 5 Lewisham Cluster Representative

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Alfie Balston


What's career development? Where are we going to be for Transition to F1? When will we get our finals results?

We may be in final year but we're not done yet. There's still time for problems to pop up. I'll strive to make the rest of the year as painless as possible by:

  • Pushing for better communication from the medical school about the post-elective modules, exams, and upcoming careers events
  • Representing the student voice at meetings and ensuring all concerns are raised with the medical school and dealt with promptly
  • Encouraging students to participation in Student-Staff Liaison Committees so we can leave GKT a better place for future students
  • Work with the MSA, the FYC, and site administrators to put together rotation information for each hospital e.g. timetables, accommodation for peripherals, hospital details, what the EoPS results were - so that students have a better idea of what their future rotations will be like

I'll happily answer any questions you have -

Thank you,