Candidate for the position of MSA - Phase 3 Lewisham Cluster Rep

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Vote for Jenny to be the voice of many!


I'm Jenny, and I'm running to be your representative for the Phase 3 Lewisham Cluster. 

Lewisham may not have the most advertised staff nor teaching compared to the other clusters, but that doesn't mean we get a lower standard of teaching. I'm standing for this role as I am passionate about academic teaching and getting the most out of our student experience. I want to address any concerns regarding the cluster and ensure we receive all the opportunities and standard of teaching that is expected. 

During my first and second year I was a tutorial group representative, where I attended SSLC meetings throughout the year. This involved relaying any concerns my tutorial group or fellow students had, and discussing potential solutions before informing my tutorial group of the result. In addition to being a tutorial group representative, I spent the last academic year liaising between hundreds of students, teachers, and doctors on a variety of academic events for societies, such as mock OSCEs or the medical speciality symposium with AMSA, or OSCE teaching with ICAMS. This entailed getting appropriate feedback from all parties and using them to tailor content to the needs of members, improve the next events, or personal development for participants. Having had this experience, I am well adept at representing groups, such as our cluster, and familiar with corresponding with staff regarding various matters. 

As your peer, I understand how important it is to have well supported and accessible teaching to prepare us for the long journey ahead. Moreover, the means to liaise with the college and students' union will be essential for a well run cluster. As a representative for the Lewisham cluster I pledge to:

  • Listen to any concerns or feedback regarding our teaching or general experience of the cluster
  • Voice any issues you have to college staff at the SSLC meetings and follow up on any pending resolutions
  • Ensure our educational standards are up to scratch
  • Provide links to support for your student wellbeing
  • Push for change and improvement according to what you want

As this is our first year in clinics, it's imperative we get a good grounding in firms for the next few years. I will endeavour to bridge the students, the students' union, and the college staff for more open communication and make your voices heard.