Candidate for the position of NUS Women's Conference Delegate



"I'm here for a good time, not a long time"

About Me:

Hi! I’m Amanie and I’m running to be a delegate for NUS Women’s Conference! Having studied neuroscience for three years as an undergraduate, I am now returning as master’s student in Mental Health, Ethics and Law.

As a postgraduate, I am keen to ensure that postgraduate women students are represented in policy and practice within the National Union of Students and that our elected leadership is held to account.



  • Publicity Officer for Intersectional Feminist Society (2015 - 2016): I helped publicise all iFemSoc events and organised events such as our annual “Intersectionality 101” event;
  • ‘It Stops Here’ Student Ambassador (2015 - 2016): helped raise awareness of the university’s anti-harassment campaign “It Stops Here” and organised events such  as the “Feminist Comedy Night” and “Muslim Women in the West”;
  • ‘Students Not Suspects’ Working Group (2014-2015): helped pass policy on non-compliance with the heavily flawed Prevent agenda which is deeply ableist and Islamophobic;
  • KCLSU Societies Officer (2013-2015): I served on KCLSU Student Council (now dissolved) and passed motions on issues like room booking times;


If elected, I pledge to:

  1. Raise awareness of the issues facing women in STEM, including the gender disparity in STEM subjects and the casualised sexism;
  2. Engage with the student-staff misconduct research being undertaken by the NUS Women’s Campaign to ensure it adequately captures the experience of postgraduate women students;
  3. Submit motions on broader political issues including campaigns to support migrant women in detention centres like Yarl’s Wood, and the ongoing plight of Rohingya women;
  4. To be absolutely transparent on how I voted on motions and report back to the Intersectional Feminist Society and the Women’s Association.