Candidate for the position of A&H Digital Humanities - Postgraduate Taught - Digital Culture and Society Representative



For Diversity, Transparency and Partnership! Vote for Leo and Yuki!


Leo and I are running a joint campaign, and as student representatives, we will advocate for: 


-DIVERSITY: Serve as cultural, academic, and professional ambassadors to our student body. 

  • Given our diverse background, I and Leo will promote the personal, academic, and professional needs of our students. 

-TRANSPARENCY: Increase engagement and transparency between students and departmental staff. 

  • Hard time finding the appropriate channels to voice your feedback and frustrations? 
  • We will develop easy and convenient ways to share your thoughts and ideas with the department.

-PARTNERSHIP: Encourage partnership and collaboration between departments and programs. 

  • The strength of our program lies its multi-disciplinary nature, therefore we will increase the communication amongst members from different departments.


About Me: 

Hello, I'm Yuki Sugiyama from Kyoto, Japan. I love travelling, learning new culture, and drinking in a pub to a healthy extent! Before coming to london i was working for an electronic company's global branding department and was in charge of creative development for their global campaign in 20 countries across the globe. 

THere are two student representative positions available, so plase remember to vote for my running partner, LEO!