Candidate for the position of MSA - Phase 3 GSTT Cluster Rep



Vote for Hazel, it'll be nuts!

Hello there!

Having been a tutor group representative on the Student Staff Liaison Committee for the past 2 years, I want to carry on and become your GSTT Cluster rep. I have experience in representing students and a clear understanding of what this role entails. I have dealt with, and am aware of common issues that tend to come up, and as a graduate, I also have a good understanding of the different concerns of graduate students too. It is important to collate information on experiences and needs of all students throughout the cluster, including those in peripheral hospitals to ensure everyone’s views are heard and nobody misses out. I want every single one of us to feel like our views matter.

I will work hard to voice your concerns, feedback and suggestions to the MSA as well as keeping you informed on any changes and progress. I believe we can successfully work together to improve and make the most of our time at GKT.

I will do an excellent job of representing you to the MSA and the School.

If you want to be heard and your opinions to matter, vote for HAZEL!

Thank you.