Candidate for the position of NUS Women's Conference Delegate

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Sainab Nuh


About Me:

Hi! My name is Sainab, and I'm a second year Pharmacy undergraduate hoping to represent KCL students at the NUS UK Women's Conference!


  •  Events Officer for "KCL Intersectional Feminist Society" (2017-2018): helped organise and publicise events on behalf of the iFemSoc, inlcuding organising all Black History Month events like "Don't Touch My Hair" and the "Hidden Figures" screening. Also, collaborated with the It Stops Here anti-harassment campaign to roll out bystander intervention for student leaders!

  • Black Rep for "I Rise" Magazine (2016 - 2017): co-ordinated the "Black Inspirational Women" segment of I Rise Magazine; a magazine dedicated to women and non binary people of colour at King's.

  • Volunteer at "ISWADA Learning Together" (2016): volunteered at the charity to help find work placements for young women in STEM subjects.

  • Volunteer at "Islington Islamic Centre" (2015): worked as volunteer to create and distribute leaflets for Somali women to raise awareness on issues relating to women's health.

If elected, I pledge to:

  1. Submit motions to revamp the #FreePeriods campaign and push the NUS Women's Campaign to raise awareness of period poverty and it's impact on working class students;

  2. Submit motions on the importance of campaigning for survivor care, and for universities and unions to provide specialist support for survivors of sexual harassment or abuse;

  3. Raise awareness of issues facing women students on campus - from everyday sexism to broader concerns regardign the lack of representation for women in sport;

  4. Consistently vote in favour of motions relating to the most marginalised groups and to be transparent on how I voted on motions;

  5. Hold our elected leadership to account including the NUS UK Women's Officer and the NUS UK Women's Committee;