Candidate for the position of Student Trustee



Use your power to flower and by flower I mean vote for me for able and durable student representation! Thank you. :)


    As a proud King's student, I wish to represent KCL as a student trustee, with a steadfast intention of upholding and continuously renewing the integrity and vision of our student union. I believe an important aspect of this is bringing the shared praises and concerns of students to the fore of discussion to make sure that the important decisions being made are kept in the best interests of everyone involved. And that's all of you guys! 

My name is Adam Anazim. 

As a student trustee I would seek to maintain and enrich the voicing of student needs and how they materialize practically through board room decisions by offering current and critical feedback on the social spaces, bars, societies, everything and anything that KCLSU has the power to change and make better for students.

If elected, I would make the student union a priority, working with my fellow trustee's to improve the student union on impartial grounds. By monitoring the performance of KCLSU and its staff we are able to make sure that we are all moving in a direction that we can be proud of.

I have been a student ambassador at school previously and believe I can and will do this post justice.


I am enthuasiastic about being involved in making student life the best it can be at King's and would be well chuffed to take on this role.


Thank you for taking the time to read my manifesto! Do I have your vote? Don't forget to: click the vote button!