Candidate for the position of Bioscience - Neuroscience First Year Representative



Whether you are a brain person or a heart person, let's stand united to make this year memorable!

Hello there! 

I sincerely hope you are having a great start of this new academic year. And for CYO students like me, I know it can be overwhelming during the first few weeks while you try to figure out your whereabouts, finding a group of friends, sorting out accomodations, and the list goes on and on. 

We have all grown up listening to things like ''Your first year at university will shape your life'', ''Make this year worth it. Don't miss out on opportunities!'', and ''Your first year is going to be so exciting!''

The reason why I decided to stand up as a representative for first year Neuroscience students is that I want to make sure this is exactly the case with us! I am very eager and determined to represent all of you and making sure that your struggles in transitioning to the uni life will not go unnoticed. Anytime you have something that troubles you and you feel the need to talk to someone about it, just know you can count on me. I shall try my best to create a strong connection between the student body and the faculty.

  • Whether it's your first time in London and you are struggling with balancing your life with studies, I can be your very first friend! 
  • Whether you are a gap year or mature student back to continue your study, I can help make sure you have resources available to help you get back on track.
  • Whether there is a problem about the course that you would like to address to the faculty. I will make sure it won't be ignored.
  • Or you simple have an idea or opinion that can benefit others

Whatever change you would like to see, I will make it happen. 

I am not a born leader, but I can be a great friend, and I believe this is the basis of acting as Student Representative. So what exactly make me an ideal person you can rely on?

My origins are Bangladeshi, I grew up in Italy and have moved to London to study at King's. At my previous institution, I had a similiar position which had given me the opportunity to get to know students from diverse backgrounds who were also having the problems listed above. I have a friendly personality and you can approach me easily about anything. As a representative, I will make you sure that you never have to feel alone and left out when you need help. Let's highlight our diversity.

Whether you are a brain person or a heart person, let's stand united to make this year memorable! I look forward to represent you all.