Candidate for the position of Political Economy - 2nd Year BA/BSc Political Economy Representative (Home/EU Student)

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Nothing but SASS. Strong. Assertive. Straightforward. Sharp.

Ayat (Mema) Omara

Who am I?


I'm Ayat but I'm more commonly known as Mema (may-mah). I am a confident and outspoken individual, who genuinely cares about YOU. My sole aim is to be the change that maximises your satisfaction at King's. Plain and Simple. 


Why vote for me?

There is no doubt that I will take a proactive approach to listen and take action on your department concerns. However, through observations and discussions with you, here are just some of the areas I plan to work on:
1) Communication – For a better insight into future years, modules and help with assignments, I plan to generate a forum between year groups.
2) Accessibility of Resources and Materials – Students will be provided with alternative books that will accommodate their budget, their preferred means of learning (i.e. online or hardcopy), or at least have a sufficient number in the library. Also, holding an annual ‘Book Sale’.
3) Wellbeing- More information and services to support the mental health of students.
4) More Socials- Enough said.