Candidate for the position of International Students' Association Committee - Events Rep



Head full of Dreams and a tongue full of Sarcasm.

Add a little 'Noor' to your lives. 

                                                                                                      (Noor means Light for those of you who did not get the pun)


What experiences do I have?

  • I have remained the Head of the Student Council during my Undergraduate Studies in Pakistan during which we, a team of 40, put up no less than 50 EVENTS throughout the academic year ranging from workshops, interactive sessions, musical nights, concerts, sports day, book drives, motivational speaker sessions, TED talks, movie screenings and much more.
  • I have stayed in the US for 6 months on a Cultural Exchange Program as an Ambassador of Pakistan so I have ample experience in dealing with, living with and working with people from diverse backgrounds
  • Lived up to the legacy of a century old Institute in Pakistan and will do so at King's.
  • Been the Ambassador of Pakistan for World Education Games.
  • Served as the Representative of the Dramatics Society during my Undergraduate. 
  • Volunteered for various NGOs and Hospitals during my time as an Undergraduate.
  • Worked as a Photographer for two different companies in my Home town.


What I wish to achieve as the Events Rep?

  1. GLOBAL VILLAGE EVENT - organize this event as the Annual Event of the Association where people from the same countries will team up and set up a stall with authentic food and artifacts from their Country to give everybody at King's a Globally enriching experience and widen our horizon as well.
  2. Having lived as an International Student previously as well, I realized that feeling home sick can be a bit over whelming which is why I aim to organize cultural support group sessions where the objectives would be throw meetups and outings focusing on team building exercises. 
  3. Cultural Shock is a common term used to identify people experiencing problems settling in - focus on cross cultural communication and integration activities with your fellow members to have a global experience in one room. 
  4. CULTURAL DANCE + SINGING COMPETITION - have this as an Annual Event divided into two categories and will become a chance to experience various cultures as well as a night that will be a part of your most memorable ones at King's.
  5. ISA-MUN - Have a Mini Model United Nations in one of our Association Meetups to setup a "committee" in order to discuss the global issues being faced by the World today and have a healthy debate/discussion over it as representatives of our Countries. People who like debating would have a good time speaking and those who don't will have a good time listening and broadening their horizons. 



A little more about me...

I am a student of Masters in Public Health, a photographer by passion and an actor by interests I am proud to have acquired a view of the two sides to this world: scientific and artistic. Which is why I believe that it is extremely essential for someone standing up for such a post to be fully equipped with relevant experiences to handle the student body and effieciently plan and execute quality events to engage a large number of audience. I have great intra and inter personal skills which I would like to put to use during my time serving KCLSU on this post and I strongly believe it will be fruitful.


                                                                                      I know everyone says this but vote for me and you will definitely not be disappointed. 

If you still have any questions or queries feel free to contact me at: or or