Candidate for the position of Student Trustee



You might as well vote for me

Hey everyone! My name is Vatsala, I'm a fourth year Medical student and I'm running to be a KCLSU Student Trustee. 

In a nutshell: 

This is my fifth year at King's and over the years I've played an active part within KCLSU, working for various events and in a number of different roles. I've been able to observe life at King's across all campuses, seeing how KCLSU supports and interacts with students from all backgrounds and appreciating the strengths and weaknesses within the Union - I'm keen to use my experience to help KCLSU be the best it can be. 


Having spent four years at King's, I've been able to experience a wide range of student groups and have had the opportunity to work closely with staff and students from all campuses and at all stages of education. This is my fourth year running the Photography Society, and through this role I've been able to work with KCLSU staff, the other Student Media groups, and a wide range of student societies and sports clubs. I've had the privilege of working on key projects for the Union and for other societies, taking photos at Hindu Soc Holi & Garba events, helping cover KCLSU Awards and Crowns & Colours nights, and being involved in the planning of the Student Media area in Bush House. I also started a new Ultrasound Society this year, so have been able to experience the ratification process first hand, as well as see how KCLSU supports societies outside the Student Media bubble. 

Last year I was Media Rep on the Activites Committee, and I feel we really started to make a positive difference to student life at KCLSU. I really enjoyed being involved in key KCLSU discussions including approving new societies, making important funding decisions, and discussing motions put forward by other students - we had a vital role in these discussions and being able to bridge the gap between SU staff and the student body was something I really valued. I've seen how seriously KCLSU takes the student voice and I'm eager to use my position as Trustee to empower students even further. 

I'm keen to be a Trustee in order to take my previous roles further - I have so many years of experience within KCLSU, having been here longer than a lot of other students and much of the staff - I've been able to see KCLSU go from strength to strength, witnessing the opening of The Shed and the West Wing, as well as the new move to Bush House. Over the years I've witnessed important movements such as the BAME student walkout, introduction of gender-neutral toilets across all campuses and KCLSU spaces, and the protest against the Meet the Professors wall which successfully led to the inclusion of more BAME members of staff in the display - I've been so proud of how much real impact the student voice has had at King's and I'm excited to help KCLSU become an even more diverse and inclusive environment for students from all backgrounds. I'm really proud of everything KCLSU has achieved since I joined King's in 2013 and I'm excited to see what more we can do before I graduate. I have a lot of passion to bring to this role, and I'm looking forward to the year ahead.