Candidate for the position of Political Economy - MA Public Policy Representative (International (non-EU) Student)



Communication & Collaboration--Find Your Voice


Hello Fellow Public Policy Peers!

            For those of you that I haven’t yet had the pleasure of meeting, allow me to take a moment to introduce myself: My name is Reagan Brugmans, an international student from Canada. I completed my Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Toronto, where I majored in Diaspora and Transnational Studies, with a double minor in Human Geography and History.

Like all of you who are pursuing a Master’s in Public Policy, I am passionate about politics, policy, and governance. Apart from my previous interests, I am eager to become involved within our academic community--specifically to act as a liaison between fellow students and the staff within our department.

Much like any election, there must be platforms that demonstrates the capabilities and visions for the goals at hand. Allow me to expound upon why I know I will be a great candidate to represent postgraduate Public Policy students as the MA Public Policy Overseas Student Representative:

When thought about in its most essential form, a manifesto is really just a list of proposed policies. With that being said, I believe it is more suiting to list my ideas and aims as such.


As democracy is important in any type of society, students should have an outlet to voice opinions and concerns. If elected, I plan to act as a liaison within our department to promote and maintain an efficient communicative system between staff and the student body by ensuring that student involvement is as easy and accessible as possible.

To achieve this, I plan to:

  1. Facilitate monthly or bi-monthly drop in sessions (depending on student preference) allowing for students to meet face to face and discuss issues, concerns, and comments pertaining to their adversities within the course
  2. Create either an online survey forum or online questionnaire allowing for students to voice opinions through an online submission before each meeting
  3. Based off of the saliency of issues, attempt to provide a platform for students to raise concerns to a member of the department outside of allotted meeting times to ensure issues are addressed as quickly and efficiently as possible
  4. Coordinate regularly with the KCLSU in order to ensure all the issues and concerns of students are being addressed during meetings

As relaying issues, concerns or comments of fellow students to the staff within our department is just part of the role of the Student Representative, if elected to represent my peers, I will make sure that I have an accessible and efficient way to relay information back from meetings with the Staff-Student Liaison Committee (SSLC).

I will ensure this occurs by:

  1. Taking extensive notes during the SSLC meetings, and creating a coherent document which highlights the issues, concerns and solutions discussed in the meetings
    • I plan to make said notes available to all students on social media platforms—such as a Post Graduate Facebook page—and/or by collecting all students emails who wish to have access to the information, and sending them the issues discussed in meetings
  2. Making my contact information readily available if a student would like to discuss in further detail the agenda of a meeting


My Promise to you:

  1. I will dedicatedly attend and be prepared for each meeting (SSLC, Departmental, Educational Committee and Faculty Meetings) based off of your comments and concerns
    • In a timely manner, I will readily report back to you on the issues discussed, and work with you to find solutions that will ensure a seamless Masters Degree experience
  2. Coordinate with the Home/EU Student Representative to ensure organizational effectiveness
  3. Create a safe space and platform for you and other peers to feel comfortable enough to discuss all of your ideas, issues, concerns, and comments about your academic experience
  4. Champion your input and feedback if given the chance to participate in the development of policies within the Department of Political Economy

For any questions or concerns about my platforms, or any other ways improve your educational experience as a postgraduate student at King’s, please do not hesitate to contact me:


Reagan Brugmans

Communication & Collaboration--Find Your Voice