Candidate for the position of Law Forum - LLB 1st Year Representative

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Yash Singh

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It’s easy to be a first-year student and get carried away with the intensity of the program – from lectures and seminars to readings and assessments. A large portion of the new student body looks for more collaboration and guidance in their first few months, just to get comfortable with the swing of things. And without a proper platform to raise these concerns, we lose the opportunity to work with the faculty, and tend to skip past problems which need rectifying.


Be Heard:        As 1st year rep, I’d ensure that firstly, every voice was heard. Often time, complaints and feedback are listened to but never truly brought up to the faculty or relevant party. It’s vital that any and all concerns coming out of the student body are recognised and at least brought up, so that the appropriate steps can be taken in fixing the problem.

Keats:              We’ve all had a bit of frustration with keats – finding resources and preparing for a week of lectures should be as straightforward as possible, but the layout and arrangement of some resources hasn’t been as easy. A forum with the students and faculty would keep them in the loop and allow our suggestions to be heard.  

Central forum to figure out the events:         There’s also been plenty of events already, and they seem to be never ending – networking nights, moots, welcome drinks, meets, law clubs and society events. Juggling all of them with our own law schedules can be a nightmare, and we end up missing events that would have really benefited us. A calendar summarizing all the events would help us keep track of what’s going on in and around the law school, so we never miss deadlines.

Event coverage:          Even if these events were to be summarized in a calendar for the students, it’s unlikely that we can attend all of them. We need a central avenue, where key information from events can be reported, so that the students who could not attend will never miss out on any crucial details.

I’ve had a bunch of experience with representing student bodies and I think that is what will make me a suitable candidate. Spending two years in the Singaporean Army under an Infantry Command Training School gave me a lot of insight on how best to interact with higher ranked officials, and has prepared me for challenges such as bringing (possibly) undesirable feedback to members of the faculty. It’s important that every student gets their feedback heard, no matter how it may sound, and I’m well equipped for that challenge.