Candidate for the position of Women Students' Association Committee - Society Partnerships Rep



'Memes not words' (only mild plagiarism of Emmeline Pankurst's 'Deeds not words', I assure you)

I am passionate about promoting equal rights across all inequalities in society and am an active promoter of Feminism. A vote for me is a vote for experience and empathy, having already led the Feminist Society at my previous school. There I was also responsible for creating positive links between other Feminist societies in the surrounding colleges and the LGBT and Black Mixed Ethnic society in my college.  I was even able to form a link between my society and the 'Woman's Equality Party', with Sophie Walker coming to give a speech at our school in support of our society. I refuse to remain silent about any kind of oppression and a vote for me is a vote for action: following my previous college's refusal to instate gender neutral toilets, I organised and held a protest that successfully ensured that gender neutral toilets were put in place and that those who identified as non-binary or transgender in our school were treated fairly. I believe that the commonly stated notion of being 'nearly equal', is inadequate, and that inequality should be addressed both globally and locally, starting with the 'everyday sexism' that is experienced. This is something that I will address, by creating a space for discussion and concerns. I'm a great believer in Simone de Beauvoir's claim that 'one's life has value only so long as they attribute value to the lives of others, by means of love and friendship'. As Sylvia Plath said, 'the silence depressed me. It wasn't the silence of silence. It was my own silence'. Don't let your voice be silenced!