Candidate for the position of Student Trustee



This vote Matt-ers! Vote for a concrete plan, and not just eloquent fluff.


A few things about me:

  • I’m currently a second-year student pursuing a B.A. in History.
  • I’m an American international student born to Polish immigrants in Connecticut.
    • My background gives me a unique perspective on both the difficulties associated with being a first-generation student and the differences in being an overseas student.


My Intentions:          



The KCLSU cannot function with any semblance of integrity if the decisions of the board are not readily available to the student body – furthermore, regardless of the decisions, I intend to make the intentions behind those decisions clear. Only then will the changes instituted by the trustees better reflect the needs of those that the KCLSU exists to serve.


The Board of Trustees, the highest decision-making body in the KCLSU, holds a considerable amount of power – and yet, just like the KCLSU, it must ultimately answer to its members, the students. I will institute methods of communications between the Board of Trustees and the student body in the hopes of receiving meaningful feedback. For a group that serves over 28,000 students, the Ivory Tower is no place for it to reside

Student Focus

The KCLSU exists to represent the student body of King’s College London, and under my leadership, it will begin to fulfill this function with an unprecedented degree of Transparency and Accountability. Furthermore, the KCLSU also employs a large number of students, and I intend to place those student-employees, along with the KCLSU’s traditional employees, in an elevated position during decision making. 


The Specifics:

I intend to focus a great deal of time and resources on a small number of issues, in order to treat them with the care that their importance warrants, and in order to prevent an overstretch of the KCLSU’s resources.


Higher wages for part time student employees.

Lower student fees through an increase of funding for bursaries

Employment and visa programs for international and EU students, as well as round the clock support for students faced with immigration issues.

Greater funding for student societies and clubs, especially those that are volunteer orientated. 


I stand here, both humbly and metaphorically, and ask for your support in helping me make the KCLSU a more transparent, accountable, and student-orientated organization.