Candidate for the position of Bioscience - Neuroscience First Year Representative



Promise of happiness!

Urban Dictionary’s top definition of Flavia says: “[…] Girls named after this family usually have the mind of queens; they’re really self-conscious and strong at a first sight, but inside their suit of armour they hide a warm and passionate heart. […]“ How could you not vote for me? 

Jokes aside, yes, I’m Flavia, an 18 years old first year Neuroscience student (CYO) and I’m standing to be a representative for our course. The main reason why I do this is that I genuinely enjoy helping people and I would love to do so through my university studies. I hope the knowledge gained being a representative of my class in my Baccalaureate will help me in the journey of making university life easier for my peers: I’ll be there in any difficult situation, acting as a bridge between us as a class and our lecturers and university staff, but also as a support for any of you. Also, being Albanian and having lived in Italy and Spain means that I fully understand what leaving your home behind comprises. Discovering a new city, settling down and starting a new life is a very exciting experience, and if in any moment that becomes tricky for us, I will be there to help you find the help you need and you will always have my presence and advice. 

In short, I really look forward to being your representative and make our time at King’s the best we’ve ever had!