Candidate for the position of A&H History - SSLC Student Chair



This vote Matt-ers – vote for a concrete plan, and not just eloquent fluff.

A few things about me:


  • I’m currently a second-year student pursuing a B.A. in History.
  • I’m an American international student born to Polish immigrants in Connecticut.
    • My background gives me a unique perspective on both the difficulties associated with being a first-generation student and the differences in being an overseas student.


My Intentions:


As the History Student Chair of the SSLC, I hope to foster greater communication between students and faculty, and relay feedback back and forth on matters that are important to both the undergraduate and postgraduate students of the department. My goal is not only to listen to the concerns of students, as well as faculty, but also to enact change in the most expedient manner possible.  


The Specifics:

I intend to focus a great deal of time and resources on a small number of issues, in order to treat them with the care that their importance warrants, and in order to prevent an overstretch of the department’s resources.


The Lecture Capture System must be placed under review, and through a joint effort of the department and IT services, brought up to a standard that is satisfactory to the student body.

I intend to create a streamlined polling and feedback system that permits expedient discussion and change to take place within the department.

Finally, I hope to hold office hours and listen to your feedback personally, I also will always be accessible and accountable to you through email and social media.


I stand here, both humbly and metaphorically, and ask for your support in helping me make the Department of History a more student orientated and streamlined place.