Candidate for the position of Law Forum - LLB 1st Year Representative



Hey there, my name is Imran Malik and I am running to be YOUR 1st year Law representative!

My experience:

I have a wealth of relevant experience, including as a Student Councillor (vice-chair), Senior Prefect and Student Mentor. I hope to put the skills which I have developed through these experiences to good use by ensuring that ALL 1st year Law students enjoy the best possible university experience, underlined by academic and extra-curricular success.

My proposals:

  1. I will always be YOUR voice on ALL issues concerning the 1st year Law student body
  2. Facilitate communication between the Law faculty and its students
  3. Liaising with the various Law-related societies to increase awareness of the opportunities available for 1st year Law students
  4. Promote greater careers guidance for ALL students, both in the legal sector and non-law areas
  5. Ensure students receive constructive feedback on ALL work

The bottom line is (quite literally) to vote for Imran Malik as YOUR 1st year Law representative if you want YOUR voice heard.