Candidate for the position of International Students' Association Committee - Union Development Rep


Energy and persistence conquer all things.

Hello everyone, my name is Eva and I'm currently studying BEng Electronic Engineering with Management at King's.

As I'm an international student from Beijing, and I've already been studied in England for 3 years, I am able to give my point of view related to international students' enquiries to our student union, as I have experience to communicate and make friends with people who come from different culture background, this means that I can give my advice or any possible solutions in quicker response for union and students. I am a warmhearted and outgoing person, which leads to a better and efficient communication among me, students and our union, in order to report the issues and bring the changes as soon as possible.

I will seize any opportunity for being a member of the association committee, learning by myself and from other reps where enable me exploring King's more, and at the same time, I can help other students, which benefits both of us. I treasure the 3 years that I will spend at King's and I am looking forward to helping each other and build friendships within our committee as well as in King's, and it is my pleasure if I have the opportunity to work with other reps, so hope I can join the big family and make a better King's together!