Candidate for the position of Law Forum - LLB 1st Year Representative


For a Law rep that can do... Vote Kanu!

Hi my name is Jennifer Uzoma Kanu and I want to be your LLB Law Academic Rep!

My stay at King’s thus far (a whole 1 week and 3 days that is) has been eye opening. The amount of opportunities that we have available to us is unimaginable and at times overwhelming. For that very reason, the main focus of my manifesto is to improve accessibility to all the information we have at our disposal.

As an Academic Representative, I am determined to make the following a reality:

Goals: Advocate for the promotion of an LLB Law Year 1 group page on KEATS to achieve the following:

  • A comprehensive LLB Law Year 1 calendar illustrating any and all key dates, including assignment due dates, information on the weekly seminars for each module and society events.
  • The promotion of key legal events in London that may interest you and help you get a head start on your career.
  • The promotion of debates and mooting competitions that can be done independently and outside of King’s.
  • Improvement of the accessibility to library information i.e. having eBooks that can be used by more than one to three people at a time.

Why should I be elected?

  • My past experience includes:
    • Executive member of a student-led service organisation “Citizens of the World Society” that was featured on CNN.
    • Member of the Associated Student Body.
    • Secretary of National Honour Society.
    • As well as taking on several other extra-curricular activities including sports, MUN and music that made me become extremely time efficient.
  • Previous experience dealing with noncompliant administration, which has strengthened my resilience and determination in such matters, so I will literally (although hopefully it won’t come to that) fight for you.
  • To involve myself in the KCL community, particularly the Law community, from the very beginning and get to know as many of my fellow LLB students as I can.
  • To ensure that every student’s complaints and issues are actually dealt with and that promises are followed through.

Personal information: 

I am from Nigeria and I have lived in Asia, Europe and North America. This matters because it means that I have experienced what it’s like to move to a new country many times and I understand the difficulties any international or even Home/ EU students may be facing. Moreover, it has exposed me to a variety of cultures and allows me to find common ground with many people.

To get in touch, you can e-mail me at

Or reach me on Facebook at Jennifer Kanu

I really do look forward to meeting you all throughout the year!