Candidate for the position of Law Forum - MA Medical Ethics and Law Representative




To briefly introduce myself, I am a 22 year old from France, born in England, on the medical law pathway. I previously studied at the University of Essex and at the University of Toulouse. I am running for student representative because I feel that I have the qualities required for the role. I am an approachable and friendly person who will listen to any concerns others may have and try my best to resolve any issues. 

My main aim will be to facilitate communication between the students and the staff and to transfer any feedback that is given to me. I will try my best to represent individuals and make sure that views are heard.

I would also like to make sure that everyone on the course feels included by, for example, organising social events where we can all get to know each other more and use it to our advantage to network amongst ourselves.I will also try to assure a social media presence to help facilitate and ease communication. 

Furthermore, I feel that I would be a good leader and I am not afraid of taking on responsibility and being organised. I have previously, for instance, run a kid's club where these skills were required daily.

I am open to any ideas others may have and hope to create an environment in which everyone feels able to speak up and be heard. 

Lastly, I do not live far from the campus and I am studying full time, therefore I would be regularly available. 

So, if you believe that I would be the right person for this role, then please vote for me!

Thank you.

Charlotte Carr