Candidate for the position of European & International Studies - 1st Year Undergraduate Representative - BA European Politics



As a student rep for our course, I'll work to provide a connection between us as the students and the wider department, including course leaders, tutors and lecturers across all modules. 

I'll also try to provide a critique of how the course is run, influenced by your concerns and issues. If elected, my door will always be open to anyone who has a worry about the course, or isn't happy about the way things are being conducted, and I'll take those issues to the faculty. 

My initial thoughts on improvements to the programme are thus:

- Greater accessibility to module set texts, more online resources.

- Course events led and run by the students themselves, rather than outside bodies, such as socials, visits to attractions or just going to the pub together.

- A greater scrutiny on course content. 

- A free forum to air all concerns about the course. This could be via Facebook, WhatsApp or in person.

- An assessment of course structure. Can we improve the way the course is taught? And is the set up working for everyone?

Having lived in London for several years I have a decent knowledge of the City and it's quirks, so regardless whether I'm chosen please feel free to ask me about anything I can do to help.