Candidate for the position of KCLSU Hall Leader - Great Dover Street Apartments



GDSA Together - A Safe, Efficient and United Community

Who Am I?

I'm a first-year International Relations (BA) student. Born overseas, in France, I went to school in several countries before moving to London in 2016. I was studying Business and Mangement in another university last year, where I was involved in the Students' Union as Halls Representative. I have an experience, an understanding and a motivation to be Hall Leader to make our life at GDSA the best it can be and to achieve our common goals. I'm interested in politics, planes, cooking and travelling to discover new communities, cultures and peoples.


  • Resolve the problem of the lack of Resident Associates (RA), particularly for the blocks 5 and 6   How? By promoting the job to the students of these blocks, and avoid these delays to occur next year by promoting it while booking/confirming the booking of the accommodation 
  • Work closely with the RAs to organise events in the common room for the whole GDSA community and simplify the communication between the new students and KCLSU, and between all residents and the Residents Team. Keep an open and consultative Hall Leadership. 
  • Inform efficiently about the different services available such as the free gym and the music room.  How? By giving an easier access to these facilities next year by giving access directly (no need of check-in at the reception as it's free). By sending an email to the 769 current residents. By adding an information poster in the common room and in the laundry. 
  • Launch a noise-free environment* campaign (*by night on weekdays (11pm-7am))
  • Act to resolve the problems that some students may have with the mail delivery service by assuring that the mail received with no flat number is still delivered and make it easier to take back our mail arrived after the end of the year 2017-2018 by transferring these to the KCLSU buildings (on campuses) at the begging of 2018-2019.
  • Promote the Consent Matter KCLSU Campaign and Inclusions Campaign within GDSA to ensure a safe, inclusive and comprehensive environment for the minorities (People Of Colours, LGBTQIA+, Disabled students) How?  By working closely with KCLSU, promoting the NUS campaigns, and developing in coordination with representatives of the Liberation/Equal Representation groups.
  • Single ID Student Card instead of ID Card plus a GDSA/Block Access Pass. How? This is already possible for the students who arrived after the moving-in weekend and who have collected their student ID before. Make it possible for all students that want to have a single card, by asking at the reception desk.