Candidate for the position of A&H English - Undergraduate SSLC Student Chair



"Education is less about learning and more about action" (Herbert Spencer)

Hi! I’m Rufeida, a first year English student standing as an English Student Representative to represent US as a cohort.

My values?

Communication between staff and students is very important to establishing a practical, comfortable and secure university environment; I am prepared to do whatever I can to facilitate and encourage staff-student communication to maintain the warmth and vibrancy of the KCL environment.

My passion for this subject and my experience is what pushed me to stand for this position. I want US to benefit and make the most of the course we all chose to study. We all made that choice for a reason, I want to represent US as a cohort and make our choice to study English at KCL worthwhile.

Why me?

My prior experience as a member of the leadership team and year council spokesperson have provided me with the flexibility to adapt and strengthened my problem solving skills- come to me with problems, I will send you off with a solution; this is my promise to YOU!

I am approachable, (I don’t and wont ever bite!) and would love to develop a rapport with fellow students; no matter how ‘reserved’ you may be, I WILL LISTEN. I want you to see me as a friend, someone you can depend on and trust to voice all your concerns be it about assignments, structure of lectures/ seminars; from the biggest to the smallest of issues, I will endeavor to find a solution.

My communication skills and my ability to build a rapport and relate with different groups of people will be beneficial when it comes to improving our department and responsibly catering to different concerns.

We are in this together and I want to ensure that no one ever feels alone or feels like their voices aren’t heard. We are all on the same journey and on the same boat attempting to row to the other side, I am committed to ease that journey for all of us; to act as a solid oar to ease a rocky boat ride.

What are my aims/priorities?

  • I will strive to get your voices heard and reach a consensus in the following areas:
    • Making set reading material more accessible both in the library and on KEATS
    • Ensure understanding of texts
    • Regular, thorough and structured feedback
    • Clarification of the assessment structure
    • Creating a useful tutoring system accessible to all to improve understanding and engagement with different modules or key aspects of texts.


  • I wish to diversify curriculum so that the course in itself becomes inclusive to people from different backgrounds; so that there is something for everyone.
  • I aim to act as an receptive bridge between staff and fellow students to facilitate communications and flag up areas of concern.
  • I will maintain the transparency of the reliable and responsible student rep system and ensure that it is smoothly running with concerns catered to as soon as humanly possible.
  • Ease the terrifying experience most of us are going through as first year students
  • To be a reliable, approachable and responsible friend at times of need (and at times when you simply just want to share a literary joke or two!)
  • To demonstrate to you that I stand by my words and I will not disappoint nor make you second guess your votes.

I’ll always be within reach, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out!

Email me:)