Candidate for the position of A&H English - 1st Year Undergraduate Representative



-- Understanding every idea, considering every viewpoint, listening to every voice --

Hello! I'm Andrew Gillon, yet you likely already knew that. What you probably do not know and may be interested in is my background, so in brief I'm a first-year undergraduate of English, a first-year Londoner and a first-year city dweller in general. Before now, I've lived in a relatively rural part of the North West, a place that, whilst I'm of course proud and happy to come from, can be quite difficult to find a platform to get your voice heard. Indeed, it bothered me greatly that it could feel frustrating to find people to listen to you about anything more significant than the weather. In a post like Student Representative, however, I'll be in prime position to change that for a lot of people, even the quietest people, a group I belonged to not so long ago.


In my experience, and I imagine many of you will identify, the most intimidating step of having your views make an impact is approaching somebody to express them; the majority are happy to raise issues amongst friends, yet the same majority could find the prospect of talking to somebody who could enact change terrifying, stressful, difficult or even just tedious. You may be delighted, then, to learn that it doesn't have to be this way. As a Student Rep for the fantastic Arts & Humanities department at King's, I will endeavour to seek out opinions, views and ideas, however small or large. Whilst there may be limitations to what Representatives can achieve, that doesn't mean there has to be limitations on what we can consider. After all, it costs only a few moments to hear somebody out - a paltry price for a brilliant idea or unique perspective. 


Another point I personally like to focus on is scope. I don't know if you've noticed, but King's is big. Huge. Even in the surrounding context of London, one of the busiest cities in the world, the university is a hectic place. Our campuses and facilities rarely find a minute that isn't buzzing with conversation or movement, and I adore this. I want to tap into those conversations, those debates, those opinions. Each and every student at this university and in this faculty will have a different experience of King's. They, like you, will find different things to enjoy, admire and love, as well as different things to critique and consider. Could you imagine the development that could be made possible if every single student here wrote down a single comment about their time in the faculty? The interesting point is, I don't think you, me or anybody could, it'd be that incredible. 


Of course, I'm not lost in a fantasy realm of idealism. As with any range of voices, there will need to be compromise, a concept I'm aware many people might not be too fond of. Yet I will endeavour to present any and all decisions with honesty and clarity, as that's the least you deserve. Ultimately, I want to bring us together without losing our individual identities and personalities. A Student Union is a conference, like a town hall, not an assimilation of your characters, and there's a seat for everybody, regardless of background, beliefs or capacity to shout. 


Voting for me takes a minimal amount of effort, yet it could generate a lot of opportunities. View the other candidates, think for yourselves, and make the right decision for you


If you, as I may have done, skimmed to the bottom, which I do not judge you for, I'll provide you with a summary:

  • I'm new to London, yet I adore the diversity and opportunity for expression we enjoy here
  • I encourage everybody to speak their minds, especially the quietest people who often tolerate inconvenience and frustration for fear of making a fuss
  • Every idea is worth it, no matter how trivial or daft-sounding, as it only takes one comment to kickstart the gears of change
  • Just as every idea is worthwhile, every student is worthwhile, and I'll make efforts to consider every person's views
  • There will likely be compromise, yet I'll work to ensure that compromise doesn't become a vehicle to deceive anybody
  • Choose who you think best for this position, as that's the true purpose of your vote