Candidate for the position of Law Forum - Anglo-French Law 1st Year Representative


I am listening!

While I may be new to the Student Union, for the past few years I have been involved in numerous student bodies where my primary goal was to represent my academic peers with the administration, and if there is one thing I learnt during that time, it is that all students have visions, some big and some small, for their academic experience, and often all it takes for those visions to become reality is a competent student mouthpiece to lobby for them. 

Today I am putting myself forward to be your mouthpiece. 

As you know, I am an extremely organised and responsible person who always invests themselves fully in whatever task at hand. If elected, I would work my hardest to make sure that we, as first years in a very small program, have our voices heard by the wider Law faculty. In practise, that would mean coordinating informal meetups before every Law Forum meeting so as to gather our ideas related to improving our time King's College London. Moreover, I will always be open to messages or quick chats on campus, after all, you never know when inspiration will strike! Then you can rest assured that your suggestions will be argued for passionately by somebody who wants nothing more than the success and happiness of their classmates.