Candidate for the position of International Students' Association Committee - Union Development Rep



I am Cosimo Franco but since my childhood my parents called me Franco.

I am an Italian mature 3rd PhD student at the theology and Religious Studies department. I say “mature”, because I am 58!


In my first two years of my life in London I had to cope with a lot of hardships. I came here alone and speaking a poor English.


Also, to be a PhD student in Humanities is a very lonely activity: we do not attend daily classes differently from undergrads and grads. And to be “mature” (pretty old) adds, because there are less opportunities for us in the student societies .


Therefore, both for being “international” and for being a “mature” PhD student , I could experience hardships in my life as a student in London, and I would like, together with others, to do something so that in KCL there will be more good opportunities for people in similar conditions and situations.