Candidate for the position of Student Trustee

Image for ALIN FULGA


Let's make it easier to get integrated into such a diversity of enthusiastic students!

Hello, I'm Alin

I am a hard-working student that understand the students' needs of making it easier to communicate with other people without any stress.

Together we can do it

We are all equal and if you will support me I will demonstrate how everyone from any background can be on the same level and have the same opportunities.

Create a better future

It's all about communication. Feedback provided helps developing a better future and the culture difference will not ever make a difference in taking into account your points of view.

I understand you

I'm always putting myself as well in the situation of being you. Either that you are different or you are not, I do not prioritize everyone. Let's show that the values are the same for everyone.

Transform your idea into reality

Having ideas about how to have a better approach to maintaining the diversity of King's are always taken into account.


Vote me and see it happen!