Candidate for the position of MSA - Disabled (Physical & Learning) Student Representative



Turning Disabled Students from Derivatives into Integrals!

About Me

Hello Everyone, My name is Mitchell. I have a wide array of learning differences. I am currently an Extended Medical Student who is taking an iBSc in Pscyhology.


Things I would do if I was elected

All my objectives are featured around the theme of Integration & Inclusiveness. My main aims in this role are:


1) As a medical student it has been brought to my attention that we do not cover Special Educational Differences as part of the syllabus in substantial detail considering a

percentage of the medical cohort define as having a Special Educational Difference. If elected, I will ensure that Special Educational Differences is part of the pre-clinical

programme. I will do this by recommending basics of Special Educational Differences should be studied as part of the already existing intercultural competence module in order for the

next generation of Doctors to embrace people with these differences as part of an Inclusive Society in which King's leads the way for other universities to do the same.


2) I aim to be easily approachable & contact students regularly for any points that may want to be raised. This will be done by creating a meeting/forum  that will take place before each MSA meeting to gather data on the most important issues for the disabled & learning differences community in Medicine. I will ensure any concerns you may have will be raised as an inclusive & integral part of the MSA & KCLSU meetings.

Things I have been involved in the past

  • School council member in my old school to head of school council within 4 years, I had to attend several school governer meetings to raise suggestions to leading members. One of my succesful suggestions  was the introduction of a prayer room in my old school.
  • I have raised awareness on Organ Donation for members of the BAME community in the year 2013-2014. This involved me collecting and analysing data on views on organ donation before and after I gave a talk.

Skills I will bring from these things

  • An ability to build a strong communication network between students & the college itself.
  • An ability to gather and use the power of statistics to highlight key issues!!


Many Thanks for reading this Manifesto!