Candidate for the position of MSA - Stage 2 Year 2 Lewisham Representative



If you like what you see (in my manifesto), vote for me!

Hey loves, I’m Amber, 

I am running for Year 2 Lewisham Rep this year! 

Many of you may not know me , or perhaps know me as the girl who got banned from guys last year (my only true claim to fame ), I felt this year was a year to turn over a new leaf and stand for a position where I would be able to make a change! The early clinical exposure that kings offers is a fantastic opportunity, and I am really passionate about each of us being able to make the most of this. 

So if you want your voice to heard, give my manifesto a quick read -  and if you like what you see, feel free to vote for me! 

My Manifesto - Vote for me to see; 

  •        Reimbursements for hospital placements

 While lewisham is a glorious hospital and we all are of course thrilled to be placed here, it's further away than both GSST and KCL, which of corse means higher travel costs for many people . The fact that the groups are also split between lewisham hospital and Queen Elizabeth in Woolwich, also means that some students are not only traveling a longer distance, but incurring a much greater cost. A main point of my manifesto is to discuss reimbursement for travel (for all hospitals, not limited to lewisham), in line with the current system for GP reimbursement or even better lowering the cap for reimbursement for both hospital and GP placement. 

  •       Clearer timetabling of hospital placement days. 

I feel like communication of what we activities or workshops doing each day at the hospital would be beneficial. As well as better general organisation and communication between the hospital and us. Currently, with my experience at QE so far, we are unaware of what is meant to be happening each day and unsure of what time we will finish, which is somthing that needs to change. 

  •      Making slides from other hospital 'lectures' or 'workshops' available to all

I'm sure many of us have heard that those at GSTT or KCH have been attending some lectures during their hospital days. While gleeful not to be in lectures and on the wards in my own experience so far , I feel like making these mythical lecture slides available on Keats and noting what may be examinable, would be of benefit to all and ensure that we are all receiving the same fundamentals of teaching. 

  •        Bringing back FAQs or introducing a new  platform for discussing any questions or concerns. 

FAQs were a great way to ask or read and contribute to questions about materials and teaching. While they have disappeared, (where they have gone no one knows), I feel like it is imperative to bring a similar platform back in place! 

  •       Guidance on portfolio entries. 

While there are many portfolio tasks to be completed, the guidance on when and how has been lacking. I feel like it is crucial for everyone that we get some clarification on due dates, the process and the content of the portfolio.


While i’m sure that the points in my manifesto may not cover everyones concerns, I am always here to listen and communication each issue that you may have and act as a liaison between you and the hospital/university. My aim is make sure you have the best experience possible, and that lewisham offers the best teaching it possibly can!


So if you agree with me, give us a cheeky vote, and i'll do my best to make your dreams and suggestions come true. 

Place your vote at !

In the mean time, feel to get in touch and relay any suggestions you may have at