Candidate for the position of MSA - Stage 3 Year 4 KCH Cluster Representative



Innes to Win(nes)!

As we near the end of our time here at King's I feel the communication between the medical school and its students needs to  be at its best and that's where I believe the most work needs to be done.  The most common frustration I find for myself and from other students is very rarely the teaching standards, but the organisation and support from the medical school.  By pushing for the university to review its communication policy we can hope to achieve; earlier notification for teaching events and timetables so we can better organise our time, review what aspects of the course are succeeding and which are struggling or consistently having problems to meet their goals, and finally organising feedback from the students on the different blocks to see what we can do to improve the teaching as the years progress as well as feedback the KCH cluster responses so students can see how their feedback is being used.

Finally, as the Denmark Hill campus is being updated to support our learning, I will aim to make sure any proposals and ideas the students have, where possible, can be incorporated into the plans.

I also believe strongly in supporting students having any difficulties whilst at KCH/PRUH and am completely open to promoting ideas and events from our students to make the year an enjoyable success!

(Also what other candidate offers you a campaign photo of them with a pupper?)