Candidate for the position of Bioscience - Common Year One Representative

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Sara Reci

For Common Year One, I'll make sure the work is done!


Hi! I'm Sara, a Biomedical Science student, and I'm standing to be Common Year One Representative. As a Londoner, I love our city’s vibrant buzz and friendliness, and possess these characteristics myself! I like to befriend and help people, so if you see me around on campus, don’t hesitate to approach me!

Being effective and inclusive when working within a team is vital, and I can ensure that I will use this shared platform to work in alliance for the betterment of our course. I am suited for the role of Common Year One Representative as I know I can utilise this position entirely and work tirelessly to implement the opinions of my peers on possible issues concerning the Common Year One course. It is important that everyone’s voice is heard, and even more important that we choose someone who can act on it as our Common Year One Representative!

Thanks to the experience gained from multiple senior positions I've held throughout Secondary School and Sixth Form, I am prepared to take on this role due to being granted the opportunity to become more outspoken and expansive with teachers and my peers. An outgoing student, I'm eager to bridge the gap between lecturers and ourselves, and use my communication skills to introduce a multitude of new ideas to King's, be that of my own or those of others. 

I look forward to making full use of the chance to present comments and concerns to senior staff, and liaise with them, whilst representing students for who they are, and keeping students updated on any actions taken. Elect me, and I'll ensure that we can get the most out of our experience as students here at King's College London.



If you have any questions or would like to find out more, feel free to contact me on !