Candidate for the position of Women Students' Association Committee - Women's History Month Rep


To learn from history of influential women that to be in history you should not imitate history but create history and be your very unique self.

I do not believe that history must define our future. I don't think that every scientist should equate success to 'being the next Einstein'. In the same way I don't believe that aspiring female politician's should be seen as the 'next' Thatchers or Indira Gandhis. Nor should talented female authors be seen as the 'next' Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte or JK Rowling. So you might wonder why I want to be Women's History Month Rep and why you should vote for me? 

The answer to that is very simple. All these women didn't model their successes on someone else's for had they done so they wouldn't have the imagination and courage to break free of the shackles of a society that constanty undermined their rights and silently eroded their dreams. They decided not to be anchored down by the society's 'tradition' and sail gallantly into the light.You should vote for me if you think that we should use the excellent opportunity of Women's History Month to not only remeber those women who set an example in their respective fields but also convey a message to everyone that is implied in the success of these women: every women is unique and equal to men in the ablity of achieving their goals.

If you entrust me to deliver this message I will very devotedly work to spread the word in most effective ways and leave no stone unturned for the successful celebration of women's impact in society.