Candidate for the position of A&H English - 2nd Year Undergraduate Representative



In this rare instance, Molly is a good choice!

If you've had a seminar with me you know I'm not afraid to speak my mind and vociferously debate the topic at hand. I would like to bring that willingless to speak up to being a student rep, and to use my position to voice any concerns or suggestions you might have.

Moving from Minnesota to London was a bit of a culture shock (particularly because this little island takes such liberties with pronunciation--you guys made the language and all but let's be real, if you meant "Lester" why in the world write "Leicester" ?????) so I get what it's like to be a foreign student at King's. 

I am Vice President of The King's Shakespeare Company and Theatre Editor for Strand Magazine, and have enjoyed the engagement with- and responsibility to- my peers that both positions have allowed me to have. 

I plan to advocate for lecture capture in all lectures, as well as a mandate that it remain available for more than 24hrs (particularly for 9am lectures), as well as an earlier release of pre-reading/books to order so that we can avoid the last minute Amazon rush that essentially necessitates a Prime membership to be prepared for class. 

I love our degree and hope to bring that excitement to the job of student rep.

Thank you for your consideration!