Candidate for the position of Law Forum - LLB 1st Year Representative



It is not a title or a position, it is a vision to make a change, stand for a purpose and have an impact

I believe that the study of Law is a complex one and I believe that it takes a lot of commitment and time to understand its principles. However, I don't believe that the time we spend at Uni studying Law should only consist of reading Textbooks and cases and making ourselves feel bad because we feel like we haven't done enough of the recommended or additional reading. I believe that in order for us to understand the Law we need to apply it in our everyday life and we need to discuss it with our friends and we need to learn to love it. I therefore would love to be able to help current students develop their studies further in a way that takes the learning outside the lecture halls and classrooms. I would want to be able to not only help organise events and bring the subject of Law and career possibilities which derive from a degree in Law closer to students but I would also want to be able to make the time each one of us spends here at Kings the most exciting and thrilling time we all have ever had in our lives. I would want to be working hand in hand with other students who believe exactly the same and who strive to make the Kings experience a great one.  I believe a big part of this is making friends; friends who share the same ideas about things and friends who appreciate one for who they are and If I by being the first year LLB represenative could help fellow students finding friends in their course and to help them get through the next couple of years of their degree and ensure that they don't struggle or feel alone and feel like they understand the course and everything it comprises of and increase the chances of each and every one of you of a successful future by arranging events and projects, I would be very honoured to do the job!