Candidate for the position of Union Development Sustainability Committee



Paint a Better Tomorrow!

Do we have similar ethical concerns! Why food goes wasted; how I can stop it? How to save water and energy? How to protect the depleting non-renewable resources? How to encourage others to adopt an Ethical Eco-friendly and Responsible Approach? If these and other similar concerns occupy your mind, we are in the same boat.

Let’s join hands and Paint a Better Tomorrow!

I am Farrukh Raza, a MSc. Public Policy and Management Student at King’s Business School. I intent to represent you in Union Development Ethics Committee. I am passionate about leaving this world a better place and would seek your help and support during elections starting Oct 09, 2017.

Why Me?

Studying at Kings in heart of London offers us a unique opportunity where we have a great number of international students from all the corners of world. They come from different backgrounds with different experiences and perspectives. Anything they encounter here at King’s has an ability to transform them for good and may serve as means for benchmarking. Therefore, I feel it my responsibility to raise awareness about the ethical issues and concerns and come up with innovative solutions.

In this context, I want to seize this opportunity to influence the student community here and send ripples globally by raising awareness about the ethical issues confronting us in today’s world. If I am elected, my primary focus will remain on spreading awareness and improving situation regarding following areas of concern:

  1. Reducing Food Waste
  2. Water and Energy Conservation
  3. Adopting practices for Ensuring Sustainability
  4. Contribute towards attaining sustainable development goals (SDGs)

A Snapshot of my Past Activities

  • Remained Founding Member of Green CMC Society during my medical school that worked on water and energy conservation issues in student hostels and ‘on campus’ by raising awareness and prompting action.
  • In my capacity as Civil Servant in Pakistan, besides my job; conducted several campaigns spread over 08 years for plantation of trees. Consequently, happened to encourage plantation of more than 30 thousand plants in different district of country.
  • Served as an advisor and mentor with Young Students Welfare Association (YSWA) Pakistan working in rural Sindh, Pakistan on issues faced by underprivileged youth including but not limited to substance abuse, lack of career counselling, guidance for youth leadership etc.
  • Did freelance assignment for Human Rights Watch for promotion of Democratic Norms during elections 2008.
  • Campaigned and worked for raising awareness regarding Child Molestation and Sexual Abuse with Sahil (a NGO) as volunteer.
  • I remained President of Literature and Arts Society, a body of 300 plus students during undergrad studies at my Medical School in Pakistan and worked for promotion of Literature and Arts. Later, went on to become part of provincial governing body.
  • Remained President of Debating and Dramatic Society in College.
  • Published a literary paper on fortnightly basis during Medical School that encouraged students to widen their canvas of mind by through their writings.
  • Founded Rotaract Club of Khairpur which is part Rotary International District 3271 (then 3270)
  • Organized the Rotaract club and received club charter from Rotary International as Charter President.
  • Served in Capacity of Secretary for Rotaract Clubs of Pakistan and Afghanistan and looked after a network more than 20 clubs with youth members from different areas of both the country.
  • Conceived, Lobbied, Advocated and Executed the idea of starting a Merit cum Need based Scholarship Programme for Medical Students through Alumni Association.
  • Founded Alumni Associations of my High and Medical School.

I wish and hope this helps you make an informed decision about choosing the right candidate for the position. I wish and hope that I prove myself worthy of your trust and vote. If you have any query feel free to contact me through my FB, IG, Twitter Handles given below:

Let’s join hands and Paint a Better Tomorrow!