Candidate for the position of MSA - Stage 3 Year 4 GSTT Cluster Representative



Je suis GSTT

Hi everyone!

My name is Martina and I’m running to become your Y4 representative for the GSTT cluster. The reason I’m running is to continue working for what has been my main priority last year - to facilitate communications between faculty and staff in both directions, so that information can be passed on effectively and transparently, particularly (but not only!) for cluster-related things.

Having been cluster rep for Lewisham last year, I believe I have gained some experience in gathering feedback from students, as well as engaging with the staff to discuss proposed changes or concerns. I would like to make full use of last year’s experience to do an even better job at representing you, working to not just raise the issues you may have, but also to follow them up over time and monitoring any progress.

Those of you who have met me know that I’m a very approachable person – for those who haven’t, do believe me when I say that no issue is too small or stupid as far as I’m concerned, and that I’m always happy to listen to anything you may want to discuss. I was lucky with my allocations and from November onward I’ll be placed at GSTT. This means that, if elected, it will be very easy for me to meet up with you when in London, and with the faculty as needed. For when you’re out of London, I’m of course very easy to reach electronically. Plus, being on my peripheral placement now, I think I will be able understand the kind of issues that may arise when placed out, and will be able to address your concerns for these matters too.

Concluding, I want to thank you for reading my manifesto and hope you will decide to cast your vote for me. If you have any questions whether big or small, feel free to contact me via mail at