Candidate for the position of A&H History - Final Year History Representative

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David Harrold

Make History Great Again

>Free course packs and student printing

>Greater accessibility of student support networks

>Increased and more effective communication between students and department

Never underestimate the power of a mobilised student body. Like the students of Prague  in 1968 against the forces of Soviet authoritarianism, and the young men and women of Peking University stood firm against the corruption of the CCP in 1989, so too can we make a stand against having to pay for our dissertation course packs (if we wish to make notes on them). Surely £9000 can cover that. Beyond this, £0.05 per page for library printing is a manifestation of the same naked, shameless and brutal exploitation Marx identified under mid 19th century capitalism. Here in the 21st century we can and must make a stand for change, for progress. 

It's in no doubt that the third year of a history degree is a trying time and while there are a support mechanisms available, from personal tutors to King's Counselling services, these options are not always readily obvious and available to the struggling student. I intend to make it a priority to promote information about, and accessibility to these support networks. 

Furthermore I propose open student group meetings where people can confer notes, personal knowledge and study skills/techniques. These meetings will principally be to save third years time and stress, but also to promote a communal environment; with so few contact hours and so much independent study it's easy to feel like you're struggling on your own. 

Lastly, my main policy will be to widely listen to and effectively communicate the concerns of the student body to the department personnel. It is this task which will occupy most of my energies as Final Year History Rep, and I will carry it committedly.

Unlike the Czech student martyr Jan Palach, I will not publicly self immolate, my communication skills are too valuable for the advancement of the struggle, but if a zealous follower is inspired to such an act in the name of our cause- then so be it.

Let the teaching classes tremble at a student revolution. The students have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win.