Candidate for the position of European & International Studies - 2nd Year Undergraduate Representative - BA European Studies (Spanish)



European Studies; where your opinion matters

Second year of university can certainly feel overwhelming and challenging, however, just like the EU, we should all create a supportive environment where we encourage each other to achieve our goals. To accomplish this, as an Academic Rep for the EIS department I propose:

  • Regular group study sessions focussing on the study of core material 
  • Informal discussions on contemporary topics on Facebook or over coffee
  • More (informal) interactions with fourth year students to gain more information about the Year Abroad
  • Extra exam/essay preparation support
  • Frequent review of teaching and content quality

The aim of these reforms is to ensure that all students in the department feel satisfied with their course and learning progress, while simultaneously making new friends and having stimulating and insightful debates.

I also have a lot of experience liaising with students and staff, organising events and teaching. 

  • Events Officer for the India Society at KCL (second largest cultural society at the University) which entails
    • Organising events to raise more than £20,000 for charity this year
    • Executing successful events, that attracted more than 2000 attendees last year
    • Increasing event attendance through social media promotion to over 3600 followers
    • Recruiting new ambassadors to drive ticket sales and assist with departmental tasks
    • Representing the Society at KCLSU meetings
  • Private Tutor (2014-present)
  • Established my secondary school's first anti-bullying committee
  • Senior Prefect at secondary school 

It's important to have your voice heard and I'm hear to listen, so cast your vote!