Candidate for the position of A&H History - SSLC Student Chair



As Student Representative or Chair I would strive to be three things: involved, understanding and effective.

My Manifesto is simple: I want to be a student representative because I want to help people as much as I can during my time at King's.

Having been a student representative before, in my senior school, I am well aware of the dedication needed - but, perhaps more importantly, well aware of the empathy needed as well. My previous role involved being in charge of the welfare of a group of Year Sevens, acting as a go-between and reporting their concerns to their teachers. Initially, it may seem as though Year Sevens and First Year Undergraduates have little in common, but from a certain perspective they are very similar. Year Sevens are just finding their feet in a new school, and it can be overwhelming for them. Starting university is also an overwhelming time for many people - myself included - and often raising issues or concerns with staff, even minor ones, can seem a daunting task. Important student feedback is sometimes lost because people are too shy, or too unsure, to come forward.

What I would aim to do as a student chair or student representative of the History Department is provide a friendly face. None of your concerns, however big or small, would I not want to hear. A lot of students won't want to go to the staff directly to voice their suggestions, and the great thing about student representatives is that they offer a more approachable alternative. What is really driving me to apply for these two positions, above all else, is the idea that I can be for others the type of representative that I always needed myself. Someone who understands the importance of taking the time to listen to their peers, someone who will remember your suggestions, and someone who will really strive for the improvement of the student experience by taking them into account and presenting them to staff.

I suppose I can sum all of this up by saying that in this manifesto, I am offering you my time, my interest and my dedication. I won't forget your ideas, and most importantly, I won't forget that I am doing this for you, to make sure you get the best possible experience you can from your studies at King's. I know this might not have been the list of pledges you were expecting, but this is as much about your ideas for the future of King's as it is mine; therefore, the most important thing I can pledge to you is to be always on your side.

Please consider voting for me, and thank you for taking the time to read my manifesto.

Emily :)