Candidate for the position of NUS Women's Conference Delegate



A vote for Zahra is a vote for promised empowerment, policy, and positive change! grl pwr all the way


Hi! My name is Zahra Hassan and I would be honored to be YOUR voice for change!


So, why should you elect me? Well,

1) I promise to listen to you and voice your concerns to the conference to make sure your beliefs are heard!

2) I love helping fellow women and am ready to tackle any instititutional or social challenge thrown our way.

3) As a woman of color, I can promise you I will be inclusive of all womens issues - be it faith, race, or LGBTQ rights.

4) I have extensive experience in activism and fighting for womens rights.

5) I truly care about each and every one of you! 


I'd like to represent you at NUS because I want to ensure that every woman at King's is heard and has her issues addressed. It is 2017 and we unfrotunately still have to deal with so much discrimination and institutional sexism - but I promise I will do everything in my power to bring an end to this. Girl power forever!

If you still feel a bit unfamiliar with me, let me tell you a bit more about myself! 

I'm currently an international first year from the U.S studying Religion, Politics, and Society. I have a great passion for human rights activism, and after my degree, I plan on working with orphans and widows in wartorn areas. My travels to countries like Pakistan, Turkey, Iran, and Iraq have given me a great insight to the plights of women worldwide, across various lifestyles and situations. I attended the Women's March on Washington this past January, and my love for feminism and helping fellow women has only grown since! I also love dogs, pancakes, hiking, and yoga! 

I hope you'll give me the oppurtunity to voice your concerns and represent King's women at the NUS conference next year, peace and love!