Candidate for the position of KCLSU Hall Leader - Champion Hill Residence


Champion Hill, let's make the most of it!

                                                                                    Hello everyone, I'm Matis and I'm a first year in European Politics.

                                                    Basically, I'm standing for the position of Champion Hill Residence Representative, and here are the reasons why:

  • The basics: whether you are a Fresher (like almost everyone) or a second year or even in years above, you should enjoy your time at Champion Hill (I personally love the abbreviation Champs so I'm gonna use this term in this manifesto).

               Enjoying your time is indeed essential.
               Therefore, if you have any issue with anyone or anything, that would be such a waste not to tell anyone! 
               You have the Residence Associates and a lot of competent people in the residence and in King's, but perhaps you would feel more comfortable talking to a Fresher for
                   some topics.
               I would love everyone to have a great year at Champs so I would feel really honoured to help you achieve that goal if you have not already.

  • About Champs: I think we have the nicest accommodation of all: we have a nice pond, we have a big garden with cute foxes and squirrels, the buildings look fancy, we have a large common room...

        Let's make the most of it!

        We have large spaces and it would be a waste not to use them.
        If you do elect me as your representative, I will passionately organise events that will hopefully bring everyone together #SecretSanta #TreasureHunt (why not?)
        #FoodNights (#teampizza #healthylifestyle) #MovieNights... and I will of course be open to suggestions from you!
        We could also organise competitions between Blocks, or just meetings to get to know better the people who share our Block!

  • About the other residences: I think that King's has a really good Halls community, but there are barely any connections between residences.

               With your vote, we could change that! 
               If you allow me to represent you, I will, with the other Hall Representatives, try with the best of our abilities to bring people from across the residences together.
               We all know that London has so much to offer, so it shouldn't be difficult to have a great time all together!
               It could be fun to prove that we are the Champions through friendly competitions or events! 

  • With King's and about more serious topics: I really care about your wellbeing and, with your support, I will use the KCLSU resources to represent you and your interests as best as I can at any forum, meeting or event that can help you solve your problems.

        If you have any concern that you would like to share with the residence or the university, I would like you to feel free to contact me, whether by social media (here is my    
        Facebook: ; and my Instagram and my Snapchat are registered as matisplta) or by any other form of communication, I can adapt 
        quickly, I can even speak in Spanish or French if you have trouble with English so there is no reason we can't understand each other!


                                    I don't want this manifesto to be too tedious so those are the main reasons why I choose to stand for the position of Champion Hill Representative. 
                                                                                                I believe that we can do so much all together!


                                                                                      Champion Hill is our home, so let's make the most of it!