Candidate for the position of NUS LGBT+ Conference Delegate



A Fair Chance for Everyone to Love Who They Are

A Fair Chance for Everyone to Love Who They Are

Who Am I?

I'm a first-year International Relations (BA) student. Born overseas, in France, I went to school in France, Italy, Belgium and Australia before moving to London last year. I was studying Business and Mangement in another university last year, where I was involved in the Students' Union as Halls Representative. I'm interested in politics, planes, cooking and travelling to discover new communities, cultures and peoples. Aw, and this summer I worked at Disneyland.

Why this Slogan?

"A Fair Chance for Everyone to be Who They Are" was my first idea. But the Queer (LGBTQIA+) community need more than just being. If you're voting today it's probably because you are already who you are, at least to yourself. Or on your way to find yourself.  The real work and improvements are now in the love of ourselves, cause as you probably know, "if you don't love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else?"

Loving ourselves, because improving our well-being and self-fulfillment will make us stronger, healthier in our mind and body (Mens Sana In Corpore Sano), even better students and have the life that we want to. 

Letting everybody be in the best environment to be able to love the way they are and achieve their goals at uni, will be my fight and in my mind for each vote at the NUS Conference 2018. 


  • Create a website for the KCL delegation, to let you contact us easily, give your opinions and follow our votes and news. 
  • Open the debate on whether or not we should replace the "LGBT+" by "Queer" in the NUS vocabulary, to include everybody whatever they identify as, without reducing the diversity and plurality of our community and identities to a "+"
  • Act to make the affiliated Students' Union across the Country launch educative missions and workshops to fight against intolerance, discrimination and misunderstanding by the cis/straights. 
  • Increase the inclusivity of our community, especially to disabled and non-white students.