Candidate for the position of MSA - Stage 1 MB Representative

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Qudsiya Baig

Not a baig but vote for me still

HI. I'm Qudsiya; 19, green tea enthusiast (not a vegan though), from South West London (shoutout) and running to be MSA's Stage 1 MB Rep.

I am genuinely really looking forward to being able to work with most of you, if not all, and believe that this platform will really allow me to do that to a greater extent. It's a new and slightly daunting experience but I am keen on making this a worthwhile journey for all of us from both the academic and social standpoints. 


One of my main priorities as your Rep would be to ensure that you find the transition into Uni life as smooth as possible. There are a lot of services on campus that can help you out with clerical and social enquiries but a lot of the time most of us don't know where to even start looking for help. But as your Rep I would like to be someone that you can go to straightaway for help regarding anything and I mean absolutely anything (to an appropriate extent obvs) and become a mediator between you and the vast range of student services that KCL/ GKT have to offer. I'll also make sure to be on top of any changes that may occur in our timetables and curriculum and to flag up any Portfolio/ Exam deadlines we may be approaching. 


As Med students we're all keen to acquire clinical placements and attend events and workshops to get a more hands on experience and therefore I think it is really important that we're all made aware of opportunities that may not be advertised well. I will be making sure to keep up with a various specialty and sub-specialty societies and liaise with members to flag up any events that are usually only advertised on Facebook (allow that).

Just to give you an idea of a few things that you may not have heard of yet:

- The National Surgical Conference is being held at KCL this year on 2nd December

- Professor Ellis is giving a talk at the "A Lifetime in Anatomy" event on 16th October (if you don't know who Professor Ellis is...bye)

- You can call this number (02071883928) to book a learning session at St. Thomas' Mortuary and observe an autopsy at 1PM on Tuesdays (motive?)

...and the list goes on but vote for me to find out more init


Exam stress creates a lot of panic naturally and I think creating a platform on Facebook or such where we can all share tips and advice would be really beneficial. I will also try to arrange talks involving the older years, if need be, to focus on either general study advice or even particular exams to give us an insight before each hurdle. 

Sorry if that was hella long but I hope my passion and enthusiasm have come across and that I've convinced you TO VOTE FOR ME!!!!

If you have any further enquiries, you can email me at: 

Stay woke kids