Candidate for the position of European & International Studies - Final Year Undergraduate Representative - BA European Studies (Spanish)

Lola Kveton

One pathway, one vision, one last ride of fun and no administrative problems with Kveton 2017

Dear friends,


Here comes our fourth and final year, and I wish to represent you all for one last ride.

As you know I have already been student rep during our second year, I have also been the Hispanic Society's treasurer and play producer. In other words: I know very well how to deal with King's tedious adminsitration and get us what we want and deserve (all the while conserving the teachers' and other of King's staff's love and clemency for us).

This year, to help us organize ourselves a little better I am going to set up a complaint submission box (other than our groupchat that is), so that all the "work" related issues can be centralised in one place. In case of important matters we will obviously vote on it so that everybody can really feel represented. I will also post the minutes of each department meeting so that if everyone can access them. Finally, you have my whatsapp, facebook, and phone number; if you have any enquirie you know where to contact me!

I vow to always report everybody's complaints (or praises) in department meetings, and to assure that we will have the smoothest and best year we have yet to experience. 


Amor and besos,