Candidate for the position of Political Economy - 1st Year BA/BSc Politics Representative (Home/EU Student)



My objective is to improve our experience as Politics students. I want to achieve this goal through:


1. Communication: Active discussions and debate are the best way to ensure that our voice is always heard.

2. Participation: We are not just students, we don’t just passively receive information. I want you to be active community members in order to create an environment that allows us to improve, together.

3. Campaigns: I pledge to organize and lead campaigns to stimulate our community to do better, to strive for excellence. 

4. Experience: As a former student representative, I will be able to represent our Academic Course at the Staff-Student Liaison Committee with professionalism and expertise.


In the past, I’ve been a High School student representative in the School’s Board of Governors and the School’s Executive Council for one year, serving about 1200 students and actively engaging with local administration officials, public figures and policy makers.


As a student rep, I’ve learned the importance of communication, of public speaking and, most importantly, of collective collaboration. 


Our journey together cannot begin without support, and I hope that I can have yours.


Vote for Guglielmo La Via!


Thank you.