Candidate for the position of MSA - Stage 2 Year 2 Lewisham Representative

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Mustafa Majeed

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Hi everyone! My name is Mustafa Majeed and I’m running to be your Stage 2 Year 2 Lewisham representative!

My plans for the year:

  • To improve communication between university staff, hospitals and students

As I’m sure many of you have found out, there is a lack of communication between the staff at university and the doctors on our placements at hospital. This has led to many of us basically being stranded in a ward with doctors who have no idea why we’re here. I hope to improve our situation by finding out why there is such a lack of organisation by hopefully having meetings with the staff and doctors in charge of our hospital placement.

  • Clarification on our portfolios

Many of us are quite confused as to what we’re supposed to do on our placements apart from wandering around clueless. So I will find out exactly what our purpose on placements are and what we need to do for our supervised learning events in our portfolios.

  • Lectures

Lecture capture has been very inconsistent this year with many lectures not being recorded and lecture slides not being up until after a lecture. I hope to rectify this issue by ensuring lecture slides are up ideally a week before a lecture but at least 24 hours. I also plan to have meetings with IT to resolve the issue as to why some lectures are not recorded.



These are just a few issues that I have personally experienced so far this year and I am sure that there are many more that I have missed. I am more than happy to hear from you guys and to help sort any problems that you may be having with our new curriculum. Feel free contact me on either Facebook or by email:

I really hope you vote for me and would love to work with everyone in our year and the faculty to fully benefit the fantastic opportunity of clinical placements in 2nd year that we’ve been given!