Candidate for the position of MSA - Phase 3 KCH Cluster Rep

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Rally for Ali! Amin for the win! The ting goes skraaa

Hey guys,

My name's Ali,

You may recognise my name from spamming in facebook groups about intro lectures to MBBS3 and MERJ ACE™ OSCE schemes

I've previously given extensive feedback to the Chantler SaIL team on clinical examinations. I'm also part of Professor Valerie Wass's (professor helping to implement the new cirriculum) student feedback group helping to make the cirriculum 2020 better. So I have relevant experience in SSL meetings and can help the cluster with its concerns.

If you haven't gathered I'm into medical education and I'm pretty keen. So if you vote me in I'll be sure to get the job done.

I'm very persistant, persuasive, and dedicated to the cause. My priority will always be your education and I guarantee to make sure the faculty addresses any issues which may arise in the cluster.