Candidate for the position of MSA - Stage 2 Year 2 KCH Representative



Making me KCH Rep isn't So-bhad an idea, but don't start Singh-ing my praises just yet

Making me KCH Rep isn't So-bhad an idea,
but don't start Singh-ing my praises just yet

As we know, this is the first time that 2nd years have been allocated longitudinal hospital and GP placements. While it is an extremely welcome addition to Curriculum 2020, this transistion to give us earlier clinical exposure brings its challenges. All of us appreciate the hard work put in by the Faculty to overcome these complex logisitcal issues. However, I believe that it hasn't been plain sailing and there have been some errors in communication and planning which have led to certain problems such as instances of clinicians not expecting us on placement days, double bookings of rooms for tutorials, lecture slides and lecture capture being unavailable, and confusion regarding portfolio tasks. I believe we have a golden opportunity to use our Ideas, Concerns and Expectations about what can be improved to try and get the most out of our placements in supporting our learning and minimising these mistakes. Doing so will both benefit us and also help pave the way for future students. In order to achieve this I propose the following simple strategies:

  • Setting up group chats for each KCH block rotation for both Tuesdays and Fridays to allow us;the student body to compare and contrast our experiences, and make suggestions to improve our placements or other aspects of our teaching.

  • Highlighting our suggestions and input in regular meetings with not only with the Faculty and student block leads but also the administrative teams in charge of running our GP and hospital placements.

  • Clearly distributing the Faculty's responses and information regarding any changes amongst ourselves.

  • Encouraging the GSTT and Lewisham cluster Reps to do the same.

It is my vision to help Professor Wass and everyone else involved in designing Curriculum 2020 in making it as successful as possible. To achieve it I need YOU to take an active part in shaping it by constantly voicing your opinions and giving feedback.

 Vote Sobha for KCH rep today!

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