Candidate for the position of MSA - Stage 2 Year 2 KCH Representative



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Hi everyone!

I am running for Year 2 KCH Rep this election season!

As many of you know me / have seen me around campus or at least may have read my Facebook updates, I am currently one of the Inflammation 1 student block leads. Since I have started this role, I have been busy relaying many of your queries and solving them through frequent liaison with the Block Lead. Many issues have been resolved, but we have a long way to go! So I thought I would step-up this role by becoming your KCH Rep so I can represent all the views of all the students at KCH, not just students on Inflammation 1! Also, I have been a part in the Stage 2 planning meetings with Professor Valerie Wass since last year, and now I am helping to finalise the plans for Year 3! 

I am a proactive member of the year group, organised and vocal about issues that affect us medical students in our day-to-day lives. I am passionate about curriculum shaping and improving the delivery of medical education throughout our 5 years here.

So why vote for me?

As KCH Rep, my main objectives are:

1. Lecture slides AND e-learning materials to be uploaded at least 1 week before:

  • This has particularly been a problem for Inflammation 1 students. Most students like to pre-read and have a structure before the lectures. We understand that clinicians are busy people but we need our resources. So I am working with the block leads and Professor Wass to make sure that lecturers upload their slides on to KEATS AT LEAST 1 week in advance

2. Hospital workshop and tutorial slides:

  • After our 2 weeks in hospital, we learn some pretty useful (and cool) things in hospital - especially the teaching workshops
  • With this in mind, I have suggested to the Head of KEATS to create a new tab where all Hospital materials should be uploaded

3. Bring back FAQs:

  • As most of you may have noticed, FAQs have disappeared this year?! These were a great way to ask questions anonymously, broaden our understanding based on questions others have asked and for some people; a good way to revise. 
  • So what have I done about this? I have relayed these points on to the Block Leads and will chase this up to ensure this is done ASAP!

4. Portfolio explanation:

  • More clarity on portfolio tasks and when they are due - as there are LOTS of them!

Ontop of this, I will work hard to ensure that all voices are heard through gathering weekly feedback - something which I have already started for Inflammation 1 across all three sites - as well as setting up a focus group which will include KCH students and the Block Leads.

I will collaborate with all KCH students throughout the year so we can work together to improve the teaching and student experiences - and ultimately make KCH the BEST hospital site to be in!!! 

VOTE for me at!

And in the meantime, feel free to message me or approach me for anything Stage 2 or Inflammation 1 related - always happy to help :) 

Follow me on Twitter for updates: @usxta